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Eye Floaters

Relief for eye floaters!


Eye floaters are a common condition for many people. Eye floaters are usually most noticeable when an individual looks at light colored, homogenous background (i.e. a blue sky, white paper, etc.). Eye floaters are the result of the contraction of the vitreous gel from the surface of the retina. Eye floaters, in and of themselves, are not a serious medical condition, but they can be very frustrating and distracting.

There is no medical treatment for floaters, so individuals with eye floaters are told that they just have to live with them.

But there is a Chinese herbal eye formula that can get rid of eye floaters. This herbal formula is called CELOSIA 10.

CELOSIA 10 contains herbs that both improve blood flow to the retina and help to nourish and keep the eye hydrated. This formula has been used in Asia to help treat a wide variety of eye disorders that affect vision, including eye floaters.

CELOSIA 10 contains the following herbs: celosia, rehmannia, salvia, red peony, eclipta, san qi, sophora flower, chrysanthemum, lycium fruit and tang kuei. There are 100 tablets, 700 mg strength, in each bottle of CELOSIA 10. The price for 1 bottle of CELOSIA 10 is $15.50. If you are interested in buying this product, click here -> CELOSIA 10 .

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