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Definition. A scar is a mark left in the skin by the healing of a wound or surgical incision in which the normal functional tissue (skin) is replaced by connective tissue (scar). Keloids are excessive accumulations of scar tissue beyond what is normally seen in most people. Keloids are more raised and thickened masses of connective tissue than scars. Scars and keloids do not usually cause medical problems, but they are unsightly and unappealing from an aesthetic point of view.

Etiology. After a large, deep wound has occurred to the skin, both skin cells and connective tissue cells (fibroblasts) begin multiplying to repair the damage. The fibroblasts form a framework upon which the skin cells can migrate into and fill in the wound. It is the balance between the rate of replication of fibroblasts versus skin cells that is important here. If the fibroblasts replicate too quickly, they can form a dense network that is not as easily penetrated by the skin cells and that results in a large scar. If the skin cells keep up with the fibroblasts, then little scar tissue is formed and the skin has a more normal appearance after the wound has healed. Scars do not occur in younger people as often as older people because their skin cells replicate more quickly and fill in the wound with normal skin tissue.

Treatment. What can be done to minimize scar formation? In order for a wound to heal properly several ingredients are needed. First of all, the body needs protein to make new tissue. A wonderful product that we have used to help people recover from surgical incisions is called Seacure®.

Seacure® is a pre-digested protein supplement made from white fish fillets. What is unique about this product is its high bioavailibilty! The fish fillet is digested using a marine organism discovered by a South American scientist! Harsh chemical and physical treatments are typically used to produce most protein supplements. This processing denatures (destroys) the natural configuration of proteins and produces a product that is not completely absorbed and utilized by the human body. Seacure® on the otherhand is not produced using harsh chemical and physical treatments and the results speak for themselves! We highly recommend this product. Seacure® is excellent for helping the body to heal . It also works wonders in nourishing premature babies as well as helping elderly patients maintain their strength. If you are interested in ordering Seacure®, click on it.

Besides protein the body needs adeqaute levels of the following vitamins and minerals to repair damaged tissue: vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium and zinc. An acronym for these is ACES+Zn®. We recommend 10,000 I.U. of vitamin A, 500 milligram of vitamin C, 400 I.U. of vitamin E, 100 micrograms of selenium and 15 mg of zinc. Women that are pregnant or considering pregnancy need to keep their intake of vitamin A at or below 10,000 I.U. because vitamin A can cause birth defects at high levels. If you are interested in ordering ACES+Zn®, click on it.

Another product which works great for minimizing scar tissue formation as well as reversing existing scar tissue is called Scar So Soft. Scar So Soft is a mixture of several different herbal oils along with agents that penetrate and soften the skin. Scar So Soft contains tamanu oil. Tamanu oil is an amazing herbal oil that has been used for centuries in Polynesian cultures. It has only recently been introduced into the U.S. Tamanu oil works wonders on the skin! Tamanu oil helps the skin to regenerate itself! We have not seen any other herbal oil like it! For centuries Polynesians have used this oil for treating a wide variety of skin problems - wounds, burns, sunburns, rashes and dry skin. It has since been used on age lines, age spots, abrasions, acne, athlete's foot, boils, chilblains, diabetic sores, diaper rash, infected nails, insect bites/stings, skin allergies, skin ulcers and stretch marks with incredible results. Tamanu oil is excellent for helping the skin to repair itself. Wounds heal with minimal scarring. It also helps shrink old scars. It works great on post-surgical scars. Scar Begone also contains Calendula oil. Calendula oil has a long history of helping the skin to heal itself. Calendula oil has been used to help heal wounds, bruises, burns and ulcers. Calendula oil is also anti-microbial, thereby helping to prevent skin infections.

Scar So Soft works great for scars that are due to surgery, injury, acne, insect bites, burns and ulcers. The results we have been obtaining are amazing. If you have a scar that you would like to get rid of, try Scar So Soft! If you are interested in ordering Scar So Soft, click on it.

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