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ACES + Zinc

ACES+Zinc is a great
anti-oxidant formula!

ACES+Zn® is a great anti-oxidant formula. ACES+Zn® contains the major anti-oxidants in one simple to take formula. ACES+Zn® contains vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E plus selenium and zinc. All of these ingredients function as anti-oxidants and they help with tissue repair as well as strengthen immune function. We highly recommend ACES+Zn® for wound healing as well as for strengthening the immune system.

Ingredients: Two softgels contain vitamin A(as beta carotene), 10,000 IU; vitamin C, 500 mg; vitamin E, 400 IU; selenium, 100 mcg; zinc, 15 mg and calcium, 50 mg.

Price: $16.95 for a 60 softgels of ACES+Zn®.

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