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Astragalus 10+ Strengthens
the Immune System!

Do you get sick repeatedly? Do you catch every cold that comes around? Do you suffer with repeated infections? Do you have cold sores every month? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then your immune system is suppressed! You need to boost your immune system.

ASTRAGALUS 10+ is a traditional Chinese herbal formula that boosts the immune system. The herbs in ASTRAGALUS 10+ have been used for thousands of years in China to increase a person's resistance to all kinds of illnesses especially viral infections (colds, infuenza, cold sores, shingles, mononucleosis, etc.), bacterial infections and parasites. The herbs in ASTRAGALUS 10+ are extremely safe to use.

How do these herbs work? The herbs in ASTRAGALUS 10+ contain numerous natural compounds that stimulate the activity of cells of the immune system. One example is the compound Gandelan A found in Ganoderma (Ganoderma is also known as reishi). This sugar-like molecule stimulates the activity of white blood cells thereby increasing their surveillance for bacteria, viruses and other micr-organisms. Ganoderma has a long history in China for nourishing and strengthening the body's immune system. The herbs in ASTRAGALUS 10+ also have a reputation for increasing the stamina and energy of the body too. If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, then you need ASTRAGALUS 10+!

Ingredients: Astragalus, Eleutherococcus, Ganoderma, Ophiopogon, Ligustrum, Ho-shou-wu, Cistanche, Atractylodes, Licorice, Ginseng, Scizandra and Morus fruit.

Price: $41.00 for 250 tablets of ASTRAGALUS 10+.

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