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Do you have trouble with your vision? Do you see poorly at night? Do you see lots of black specks (floaters) at times? Do you have diabetic-retinopathy, age-related macular degeneration or CMV retinitis? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you should try CELOSIA 10.

CELOSIA 10 is a traditional Chinese herbal eye formula that reduces inflammation of the retina as well as nourishes the retina with increased blood flow and stops bleeding in the retina. The retina is the lining in the back of the eye that is sensitive to light and makes vision possible.When the retina is inflammed, a condition known as retinitis, vision can degenerate. Adequate blood flow to the retina is essential to its proper function.

The herbs in CELOSIA 10 have been used for thousands of years in Asia to increase the strength of the retina and clear heat from the eyes. Eye conditions that CELOSIA 10 can help are CMV retinitis, retinal degeneration, retinal hemorrhage and diabetic retinopathy.

The herbs in CELOSIA 10 are extremely safe to use. We have numerous customers that have used CELOSIA 10 with great reults.

We received the following feedback from customers with diabetic retinopathy after using CELOSIA 10:


"I am a diabetic of over 20 years. I have very serious complications - kidney failure (on dialysis) and very serious eye problems. I am totally blind in my right eye due to so many laser treatments and operations that were very unsuccessful. I would not suggest laser for the eye as it permanently damages the retina. I refused to let my doctor do this to my left eye, and I was starting to have the very same problem with it as I did the right eye. For anyone who may read this from me, CELOSIA 10 is what improved my left eye. I wish I would have found this herb 2 years ago, my right eye would be okay today. Thanks to this herb, I am driving again. Three months ago I could not see the fingers on my hands!! CELOSIA 10 did that for me. Thanks!" Richard H., Big River, SK Canada.


I just wanted to share my testimony about Celosia 10. I have had diabetes for 20 years. I am only 51 yars old and started having huge black floaters in my right eye June 2008. I immediately went to my eye Dr. and he sent me the next day to see a cornea and retina specialists. He said that I had so many ruptured blood vessels behind each eye that I would have to start lazer surgery right away. I had lazer the next day on my right eye, and my left eye the following week. This was the most painful experience I have ever gone thru. He said I would have to have many, many more just to stop the bleeding. I had two more surgeries one on each eye in September 2008. My vision was not improving as I had hoped. I had to wear 2 pairs of reading glasses and look thru a magnifying glass just to read on the computer. I was looking up lazer surgery and the damage it does to your retina, and also diabetic retinopathy when I saw an advertisement about Celosia 10. As I looked that up I found your website and yours was the only one that gave detailed information about the ingredients and what each one does for the eyes. Also the testimony from another diabetic customer gave me hope and determination to try a natural cure. I told my cousin who is a reflexologist about this and she ordered me two bottles of Celosia 10. I started taking it in October 2008. I went to my Dr. in December 2008, and he said that my vision in my left eye had improved from 20/40 to 20/25 and my right eye was worse due to a new blood vessel rupture. I was to go back in January 2009 to set up and appointment to have more invasive surgery where he would make incisions into my right eye to physically remove the blood. Due to sickness I had to cancel my January & Feburary appointments. All the while I was faithfully taking my Celosia 10. I could tell my vision was some better in my worst eye, but I was blown away with my ability to read the eye chart. In Dec. I could only see the big "E" woth my worst right eye. On this day, I could read all of the third line down. My doctor said my vision had improved from 20/25 to 20/20 in my left eye, and from 20/400 to 20/70 in my right eye. He said I had no new blood vessel growth, no new bleeding, no signs of any new blood, and that he was just amazed and very suprised that my eyes are stable. He said that when he first saw me in June, that he knew I would have to have so many lazer surgeries that I would not ever be able to see well again. Because lazer destroys your retina each time. He said he would not even consider the more invasive surgery at this time and whatever I was doing to keep up the good work. I just wanted to tell you my awesome testimony and to thank you for the information on your website about your products. I have recommended Celosia 10 to everyone I know that has the issues with their eyes as I have. The testimony on your website said it would take about 90 days to see results, and I must admit I did get a little discouraged after 60 days, but after that I could begin to see a major difference. I am so thankful I tried your product. It has blessed me with improved vision. I am still taking it and will continue as long as I need to. We all tend to take our vision and health for granted but it is a gift and I knew there had to be a natural cure out there for all our health issues. I am blessed to be a new grandmother and I am able to see the beautiful faces of my little granddaughters and I can see how to read their favorite books to them. I expect nothing but great reports from my eye-guy from now on. Thankyou so very much for the great customer service and for the wonderful gift of restored sight you have given back to me. May your company be blessed with new products that will help people to overcome their health problems and live the healthy life they deserve. Thank you so much! Connie O., Gainesville, GA.

CELOSIA 10 contains the following herbs: celosia, rehmannia, salvia, red peony, eclipta, san qi, sophora flower, chrysanthemum, lycium fruit and tang kuei. How do these herbs work? Rehmannia reduces inflammation. Salvia resolves blood stagnation. Celosia both nourishes the eyes and clears heat from the eyes. Lycium fruit and chrysanthemum also nourish the eyes. Eclipta and sophora help prevent bleeding in the eyes. These herbs also cool the eyes. Red peony and san qi help to stop bleeding also and help remove clotted blood from the eyes.

We highly recommend CELOSIA 10 to anyone that wants to support the health of their eyes and maintain their vision!

Ingredients: Celosia, Rehmannia, Salvia, Red Peony, Eclipta, San Qi, Sophora Flower, Chrysanthemum, Lycium Fruit and Tang-Kuei.

Price: $19.50 for 100 tablets of CELOSIA 10.
Price: $41.00 for 250 tablets of CELOSIA 10.

Recommended dose is 2 tablets 4 times per day. One bottle of 100 tablets will last 12.5 days at this dose. One bottle of 250 tablets will last 31 days. Most customers begin to see improvement in 3 to 4 weeks. With severe bleeding it can take 2 to 3 months to achieve complete results.

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