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SEACURE® is the best protein supplement that we have ever seen, and we have seen a lot of protein supplements.

What is unique about SEACURE® is its high bioavailibilty! SEACURE® is a pre-digested protein supplement made from white fish fillets. The fish fillet is digested using a marine organism discovered by a South American scientist! This organism digests the protein into protein fragments that are in the dipeptide and tripeptide form. Dipeptides are two amino acids joined together and tripeptides are three amino acids linked together. Studies on human digestion and absorption have revealed that the body absorbs dipeptides and tripeptides much faster than single amino acids! The majority of SEACURE® is in this dipeptide and tripeptide form. That is why SEACURE® works so well.

Harsh chemical and physical treatments are typically used to produce most protein supplements. This processing denatures (destroys) the natural configuration of proteins and produces a product that is not completely absorbed and utilized by the human body. SEACURE®, on the otherhand, is not produced using harsh chemical and physical treatments, and the results speak for themselves!

We highly recommend SEACURE®! We first learned about SEACURE® over 10 years ago. At first we thought, how could so little fish protein do so much to help the body heal. Well, we gave it a try and are we glad we did! We have seen the results for ourselves and they are amazing.

SEACURE® is excellent for helping the body to heal from all kinds of problems.

SEACURE® helps the digestive tract recover from injury and infection as well as cope with stress more effectively. If you are taking antibiotics or chemotherapy drugs, then your digestive system is under enormous stress. SEACURE® helps strengthen the digestive system so it can cope with the stress it is under.

Individuals with digestive problems i.e. nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or constipation benefit greatly from taking SEACURE®. All of these symptoms are an indicator that your digestive tract is under stress.

SEACURE® also helps reduce the symptoms of many digestive conditions i.e. Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Crohn's Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Leaky Gut Syndrome and Radiation-induced Proctitis.

SEACURE® also helps with the repair of damaged tissues. We have received feedback from numerous customers with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) that are able to walk and function much better thanks to the daily use of SEACURE®.

SEACURE® also helps individuals recover from accidents and surgery much more quickly. Having an easily absorbed form of nutritious protein does wonders for the body when it comes to healing damaged tissues. Besides water, the next biggest thing that humans bodies are made of is protein!

SEACURE® also helps the eldery with their strength and stamina as well as mental function. Most elderly people do not get enough protein! What little protein they do get is not absorbed that well because their digestion is too weak. SEACURE® is pre-digested fish protein that is very easy to absorb. This is just what most elderly people need!

SEACURE® also helps premature babies and children that are not putting on weight as they should to thrive. After using SEACURE® for a few months, you will most likely start to be concerned that your baby or child is going to get fat if they keep putting weight on so quickly!

So why not give SEACURE® a try! We are so confident that you too will be amazed at what SEACURE® can do for you, that we stand behind SEACURE® with our 30 Day MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE! We also have FREE shipping for customers in the USA!

Ingredients: pre-digested white fish fillets which yield the following breakdown - 85% protein, 3.5% fat, 4% ash, 5% moisture. Approximately 66% of the protein is in the dipeptide and tripeptide form.

Each box contains 180 capsules of SEACURE® or a 1 month supply.

Price: $29.95/bottle of SEACURE®
(includes FREE shipping within the USA. We will ship 1 or 2 bottles via US First Class Mail for FREE, 3 or more bottles via US Priority Mail for FREE.)


Price: $28.95/bottle of SEACURE® when you order 2 or 3 bottles.
Price: $27.95/bottle of SEACURE® when you order 4 or 5 bottles.
Price: $26.95/bottle of SEACURE® when you order 6 bottles.
Price: $25.95/bottle of SEACURE® when you order 12 bottles.

We also have SEACURE® in boxes. Price: $30.95/box of SEACURE®
(includes FREE shipping within the USA. We will ship 1 box via US First Class Mail for FREE, 2 or more boxes via US Priority Mail for FREE.)


Price: $29.95/box of SEACURE® when you order 2 or 3 boxes.
Price: $28.95/box of SEACURE® when you order 4 or 5 boxes.
Price: $27.95/box of SEACURE® when you order 6 boxes.
Price: $26.95/box of SEACURE® when you order 12 boxes.

Both the bottle and the box of SEACURE® contain 180 capsules and are identical except for how they are packaged! The boxes of SEACURE® have less odor (fishy smell) than the bottles of SEACURE®.

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