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Patented stabilized reduced ubiquinol. Enhanced bioavailability - 62% higher than CoQ10.

Although CoQ10 is produced by the body and exists in some dietary sources, these levels may be insufficient to meet the body's requirements. Additionally, a deficiency can result from increasing age or increased tissue demands. However, supplementing with CoQ10 may not be enough: approximately 30-50% of humans have a genetic make-up (NQ01 or NAD(P)H:quinbne oxicloreductase 1) that inhibits the conversion of CoQ10 (ubiquinone) to its active and reduced form of QH (ubiquinol), further depleting levels below what is required to support cellular energy and promote overall health.*

Ubiquinone (Coenzyme 010, CoQ10) and Ubiquinol (QH) are closely related compounds naturally occurring in the human body. CoQ10 is converted to its active form, QH, as a necessary and essential step in the production of cellular energy. The conversion rate of CoQ10 to QH tends to decline with age, resulting in lower serum of QH.' A genetic trait in the human population has also been linked to impaired ability to conduct this conversion!

QH outside the body is an extremely unstable compound, converting to CoQ10 upon exposure to oxygen. New research has led to the development of a method to stabilize QH while protecting it from oxygen.' UBQH contains this patent pending, stabilized, active ubiquinol, which has been shown to have greater bioactivity than CoQ10.*

For those who are older, those requiring higher doses of CoQ10 or those with the genetic SNP associated with decreased CoQ10 redox ratios, recommend UBQH-the only patented, stable and proven -effective QH solution available.*

UBQH Features
- Exclusive, patented form of ubiquinol
- Efficient delivery system especially important for individuals requiring high dose CoQ10
- Demonstrated to increase plasma levels of total CoQ10 up to 62% higher than traditional CoQ10 supplementation
- Patented processing method prevents oxidation and ensures a stable product
- No significant adverse effects reported during safety and toxicological studies

SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH: Studies have shown that supplemental QH may have the same health benefits as CoQ10, in a more active form - one step in the conversion process of CoQ10 to QH is eliminated. Scientific studies of QH have additionally found that it provides support for healthy aging, and increases stamina and energy.*' In an evaluation of energy (calculated as time to fatigue) in an animal model, older animals received placebo, CoQ10, and QH in crossover design. Running times were measured in each group. When the animals received QH running times were prolonged 150 fold versus placebo. Increases during the CoQ10 supplementation period did not reach statistical significance.*9

In an experiment which used an animal model of aging, QH supplementation was associated with healthier aging (as determined by skin, eye, skeletal and general health) in comparison to aging in the both the CoQ10 and control group.*10 The control group in this experiment experienced double the senescence scores in midlife when compared to the QH group, while the CoQ10 supplemented group had senescence scores approximately 1.5 times as high as the QH group.* Increased senescence scores are an indication of the signs of aging.

Bioavailability studies in humans are ongoing. The amount of plasma and brain levels CoQ10 increase compared with oral CoQ10 is variable, and based on age and genetics. However, results to date have found that intake of active QH is associated with total serum CoQ10 (ubiquinone plus ubiquinol) levels at least 2 times higher than oxidized CoQ10.

STABILITY: As previously noted, QH outside of the body is not stable, and quickly converts back to CoQ10 in the presence of oxygen. Therefore, its potential use as an oral supplement has been limited. A patented process to prevent QH from oxidizing has now been developed' UBQH features this stabilized form of ubiquinol, in an exclusive softgel capsule. This product remains shelf-stable to deliver potent QH, and has been demonstrated to significantly raise serum levels of CoQ10.

CONCLUSION: UBQH is a stabilized ubiquinol product. Providing unique support for energy production and healthy aging, supplemental ubiquinol may be a more appropriate supplement choice for older adults, those requiring higher doses of CoQ10 or those with the genetic SNIP associated with decreased CoQ10 redox ratios.

For those who are older, who test positive for NQO1, or require substantial CoQ10 supplementation for neurological health, recommend UBQH-the only patented, stable and proven-effective QH solution available.

Store at room temperature (25 C or 77 F) in an airtight container and away from light. Use immediately upon opening.

UBQH, 60 softgels, 100 mg reduced Ubiquinol/softgel. Price: $34.95

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